We provide high-quality, personalised care that helps people live independent and fulfilled lives. We focus on quality of our service delivery with progressive, person centred approach with reliability. Canary Care are flexible, responsive and there for you 7 days a week, so right when you need us the most we are ready and willing to support you.

Better Quality of Life.

Live in and domiciliary care solutions for our elderly population are expensive, some time difficult to access at affordable rates. Everything we do is to achieve person centred and reliable care for our respected service users. We aim to provide personalised adaptable services, We recruit new team members with our focus to why they would like to be a carer because we understand the importance of passion and compassion in this job. We believe a better solution for the provision of affordable home care is possible. And we’re making it happen, every day.

Canary Care Mission.

Our mission is to provide our service users live with a greater sense of independence, enabling them to access care they can trust, at prices they can afford. We use the latest technology to give people real choice and control over who provides for their care – and ensure a fantastic service every time. At the same time, we encourage and motivate professional carers by ensuring they are paid at a rate that reflects the vital importance of the support they provide to those in need. Canary Care services believe in Empowering carers and enabling better quality care, for a better quality of life.